After just three weeks we have had some parents comment on their child using the Spanish language in the home – especially numbers and colours. I have really enjoyed seeing the impact learning the language has on the children, and hearing the staff learning and revising the concepts every week is great too.

Ashley, Aspley Early Learning Centre

The Dynamight Kids and Wild Things training was terrific. It has given us many skills to be able to use in the centre and I think the girls are really going to learn a lot more in the coming sessions. The initial classes have been a really great starting base to be able to cement the children’s skills and knowledge.

Tarsha Scott Director - YMCA Acacia Ridge

The Dynamight Kids and Wild Things program was a lot more physical than I thought it was going to be. It’s a great program to get the kids moving and it will definitely make us move more too!

YMCA Acacia Ridge

We decided to implement the AlphaTykes bilingual program to give our centre a market advantage and competitive edge. So far, the children have been really receptive to repeating the language and following along during the lessons.

Desiree, ABC Brighton Junction

Room 4 children are always keen to participate in French every week and Nicholas’ enthusiasm with the children helps! The songs, flashcards and stories keep the children focused and makes learning fun. Our children have picked up French words quickly which is amazing!

Caring4Kids – Cherrybrook

Here in the senior kindy room we look forward to a Thursday. Children arrive at the service asking “when is Spanish”. As an educator I enjoy seeing the children get involved in learning another language and see their progression each week.

Tiny Legends

We decided to make our centre a bilingual centre because we could see the benefits it would have to the children. I am really looking forward to exploring a new language and watching the staff, children and families absorb and learn French.

Sam, Burpengary Pre-Prep and Creche

We have been doing AlphaTykes in our centres for all the children 2yrs and over. This is a fantastic program for the children. The children are like sponges & have learnt key words and phrases in French and have been absorbing the new language so well. The AlphaTykes teacher is so friendly and professional and the kids love him as he makes the lessons so much fun. The children feel so good as he constantly congratulates them and praises them for their achievements. We would recommend this program to any childcare centre in Australia.

Caring 4 Kids

AlphaTykes has a well thought out programme that is simple yet at the same time challenging for the pre-schoolers and easy for the teachers to follow and teach. Well organised! We have a child in our class that has just absorbed everything in and loves learning the new words. He is enthusiastic and shows this in our lessons. In just over a few months he can now identify every image in Spanish with ease. The parents have enjoyed learning along with their children and extending on this at home. They try to get as involved as they can.

Acre Woods Pymble

AlphaTykes is brilliant a great asset to any early childhood facility. The children have been amazed at their newly learnt words/phrases each day. The children are using and implementing Spanish throughout their day within their play. They are interested in bringing their knowledge into the family home and teaching their parents. The parents are amazed at how quickly their children are picking up on Spanish and are extremely interested in learning Spanish themselves.

Acre Woods Talavera

The Spanish teachers are so lovely, happy and you see the enjoyment they get to teach their language. The toddlers love the music and the games the teachers play. Seeing the children attempt the difficult worst is fantastic and we see their language flourish in other areas. The Spanish teachers are so lovely, happy and you see the enjoyment they get to teach their language. The toddlers love the music and the games the teachers play. Seeing the children attempt the difficult worst is fantastic and we see their language flourish in other areas.

Tiny Legends

The program is going really well! The children are benefitting from the program and generating (?) it into their routines and other daily practices. I, myself, am also learning from the Spanish AlphaTykes as I have never learnt Spanish before and it has always been something I wanted to do! It is amazing. We have a child Johnny who has picked up Spanish immediately! He has asked his mother to download an app on her iPhone and has learnt Spanish words at home. He is also teaching his other sibling Spanish as well and assists other children during Spanish lessons. His background is Chinese! All children love getting involved and love taking the activity sheets home! The parents encourage the Spanish lessons with their greetings and farewells. They are also discussing different words at home, with some children making signs for the different words and placing it around their house!

Acre Woods Gladesville

AlphaTykes is doing a great job!!! It is a great opportunity and a lovely experience to be trained under AlphaTykes for Spanish classes. We have a child who remembers almost all of the Spanish words at the end of the class. It is interesting to see the children using or substitution the Spanish words for English words wherever possible. Parents are being very cooperative. They are particular about their children attending the Spanish classes. They even volunteer to get a few toys with Spanish songs and words as teaching materials.

Acre Woods Eastwood

What a great program for children. They have so much fun listening to the language and you can see the children taking it all in. it is amazing to see even after a school holiday break how the children remember the songs and the words.

Tiny Legends

The Dynamight Kids and Wild Things Training was awesome. Really, really physical, I almost died a little but I kept on going. It was lots of fun and a good laugh

YMCA Acacia Ridge

The preschool children develop skills new skills with Alpha Tykes. This program has a positive influence in their preparation for prep. Children have excitement and really get involved in the activities that the teachers prepare for the class.

Tiny Legends

The children look forward to their French lessons every week. They love the enthusiasm and resources and are learning so much. The songs are very catchy and educators and children enjoy practising them all week long!

Caring4Kids – Cherrybrook

AlphaTykes has allowed the children in my centre to learn a new culture and express themselves in a new way. The children can’t wait for the Spanish lesson to begin and love using what they’ve learned. The children use their Spanish words frequently describing the colours, sizes and toys. One child tells me “Look I have a avion!” The children use the words at home frequently and we have had nothing but positive feedback from parents wanting their child to learn more and use the words at home.

Acre Woods Roseville

The Dynamight Kids and Wild Things program has provided me with an interest in learning more about Krav Maga personally and for my daughter. It has differed greatly from other programs in the centre as we don’t normally teach self-defence in the classrooms. We do ‘Stop, I don’t like it’ so the Dynamight Kids program will be an extension from this. It is definitely going to be more structured than what we do at the moment. Instead of just general play, the program provides the children with invaluable knowledge and skills that they can apply to real life.

YMCA Acacia Ridge