Fruition School Readiness

What is Fruition School Readiness?

Getting ready for school is a big job for children. They have a lot to learn, not least of which is literacy, numeracy, handwriting, reading, spelling and counting so that they are ready for the big jump to the big wide world.

The Fruition School Readiness program assists in the development of the full range of spatial skills that underpin early years’ literacy and numeracy. Spatial skills are crucial for children to develop competency in handwriting, reading, spelling, counting, phonics, maths concepts etc.

A key factor for successful transition into Prep, school and a lifetime of learning is the acquisition of visual spatial skills, including:


Why Fruition School Readiness?

Our Program is designed to complement and reinforce the learning already taking place in childcare centres, kindergartens and families. The Fruition School Readiness Program uses the latest brain science, a comprehensive multi-sensory approach and lots of fun activities incorporating gross motor skills to develop the correct neurological pathways for these spatial skills and concepts.

The Fruition School Readiness Program:

aligns with Early Years Learning Framework
underpins the Prep Foundations for The Australian Curriculum
covers pre-requisite skills for:
spatial awareness
visual recognition of numbers and letters
reading and spelling

The Program

The Fruition School Readiness program is designed to match the needs of your centre, catering for class size and timetable requirements. The 30 minute lessons, with ideally up to 8 children, are comprised of modules divided into weekly activities.

The Fruition School Readiness program takes a specialised approach to development and class content. Children are a part of a multi-sensory experience which encompasses:

movement and memory
fun activities with gross motor skills
trained enthusiastic tutors
colourful resources
weekly take-home information sheets
parent info sessions
coaching for your team

The program covers a range of core competencies, which are important for initial school experiences and continued success within the schooling environment. These core competencies include:


Without an understanding of spatial skills, children struggle to follow our basic instructional language used in the formation of letters and numbers, such as ‘begin at the top’, ‘go down to the bottom’, ‘move left’ or ‘go right’.

Reading and Spelling

Spatial skills are also critical for grasping language skills needed for reading and spelling. Children are required to phonologically decode words in sequence and follow instructions like ‘what sound comes first?’, ‘what sounds comes next?’ or ‘what sound did you hear/see last?’. The challenge for young children is to understand the spatial concepts of first, middle, last, next or before.


Without an understanding of the value of one, children may develop their counting ability by rote and lucky guesses. For a head start in mathematics, children need conceptual understanding of one-to-one correspondence, patterning and grouping, for example.

The Fruition School Readiness program bridges the gap between the Early Years Learning Framework and the Prep Foundations Year in The Australian Curriculum to strengthen the transition for children into prep and school.