Dynamight Kids – FREE Trial Module

This is your FREE initial module to get you started on your journey towards becoming a Dynamight Kids instructor!

Included in this module you will learn about the founder Leann Webb, the master instructor Haim Sasson, and get rolling with the foundational knowledge needed to become a competent instructor in this exciting program to empower kids to become great human beings.

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Introduction to Jungle Fitness (0:50)

Monkey Crawl (0:47)

Monkey Walk (0:53)

Elephant Walk (1:06)

Introduction to Self-Defence (0:24)

Voice (1:06)

Defence against Wrist Grab (1 to 1, held low) (3:08)

Next Steps…

Love it? Teaching the Dynamight Kids program is fun and easy. Learn more by doing our Introductory Module now. You’ll learn more of our fun jungle fitness activities and self-defence techniques, as well as the basics of our teaching methodology and some of our most popular games and drills. The full module will take about 20 minutes to complete (in total).