You teach

Lessons conducted by your teachers

Our programs can be delivered under a Licensing and Accreditation model so that YOUR TEAM deliver the programs. Yes, even AlphaTykes! And yes, even if you don’t have a bilingual staff member!

The programs are delivered by your own teachers, so the programs are seamlessly integrated into your centre, tailored to your curriculum and perfectly aligned to your centre’s teaching philosophies and pedagogies. And you have unlimited flexibility in how the programs are delivered – the best part is that you can teach every child, every day!

This option enables you to kill two birds with one stone: fantastic educational and commercial advantages to your centre through offering premium, world-class programs, AND meaningful professional development for your staff by upskilling them in specialist areas of expertise that are directly related to their day-to-day responsibilities.

Currently, the option is only available to centres with 6 or more staff to be accredited in a program.

There are four elements to our Licensing and Accreditation model:

Licensing the programs

The first step is for each centre to licence the programs that they wish to implement, choosing from AlphaTykes, Boppin’ Babies, and Dynamight Kids / Wild Things as a combination. The licence fees start from just $2,500 per centre per year, plus GST. This fee authorises you to implement the programs for as many children as you want, as frequently as you want. You have complete flexibility and control to the adapt and customise the program to your needs. The only requirements are that you must have a licence for each location where you deliver the programs, and the programs can only be delivered by accredited teachers.

Accrediting the educators

The second step is to accredit the educators who will be delivering the programs. Accredited teachers can deliver the programs to any licenced centre and to as many children as frequently as they like. You can also accredit as many teachers as you like, and teachers can be accredited in multiple programs.

We have structured the accreditation program as a four stage program that builds over time. This gives the educator time to acquire the new skills and gradually build on what they are learning so that over the course of a year we get the best educational outcomes for them, rather than overwhelming them with one-off training that is forgotten. It also gives flexibility to you as an organisation to have educators join the program at any time during the year and begin delivering the program.

Participants are accredited to teach the program as soon as they have completed the first step of their accreditation training. They can continue delivering the program without completing the additional steps, but the ideal situation is that they attend additional accreditation training every 3 months until they have completed all four stages. The initial training session is 8 hours and each additional optional training session is 2 hours, making a total of 14 hours of training in one year to be fully accredited.

We conduct the training units in a cycle so that:

  • New educators can join the program at any time and come up to speed immediately
  • Educators who miss a unit have the opportunity to complete the unit at a later date
  • Educators will have multiple opportunities to refresh themselves on specific units

The accreditation program is fully supported by a personalised diploma and passport system that tracks each educator’s participation in accreditation programs, including tracking when they did each program, which sessions they have completed, and even if they have completed refresher sessions. This diploma and passport system ensures each educator has a personal record of their accreditations and can verify the professional development they have undertaken. This ensures the accreditations have value to the educator.

Training fees start at just $1,045 (plus GST) per person for the initial training session and $295 (plus GST) for each additional optional training unit, making total accreditation just $1,930 (plus GST) per person per program.

These accreditation fees include full training manuals, centre handbooks and equipment lists for each accredited teacher, and a full set of teaching resources for AlphaTykes for each accredited module.

Purchasing the materials you want to use

This point is mainly related to AlphaTykes which is supported by a comprehensive system of teaching resources and learning materials, and you can decide how much or how little you purchase.

A full set of teaching resources including story books, CDs and flashcards for each module is included in each teacher’s accreditation. Additional sets can be purchased if required, starting at just $60 each.

Student workbooks are available to complement each module and can be purchased for just $3 each. The workbooks are an excellent method for demonstrating what the children are learning.

In addition, student activity books which support each module can be purchased for just $15 each. These activity books are perfect for involving the parents in the language learning process and making it a family activity.

Managing the success of the programs

The final step is to ensure the programs are implemented successfully. We work with each centre to implement a quality management program that is customised to their objectives and systems, such as:


  • Dedicated program manager within our team who manages the training programs and works to ensure we meet your expectations
  • Telephone or email help line for teachers requiring guidance or assistance in delivering the programs
  • Skype check-ins for accredited teachers
  • Onsite observations for accredited teachers
  • Online surveys and tests of accredited teachers
  • Ongoing coaching for accredited teachers
  • Debriefing and feedback to centre directors
  • Special events conducted by Childhood Australia teachers to intensify the programs in each centre
  • Marketing support and materials
  • Centre signage